The construction firm Heijmans of Holland has just unveiled a prototype for a prefabricated home, which they plan to erect in city areas and rent out to single young people looking for their first home. This first version of the home is called Heijmans ONE and should be launched soon.

The Heijmans ONE is a two-story home, which was designed by the Dutch firm MoodBuilders. The units measure 30 x 11.5 feet (9.2 x 3.5 m) and have a height of 19.3 feet (5.9 m). They are constructed mainly of wood, and feature an open plan ground floor housing a living room, kitchen and bathroom. The first floor is comprised of a bedroom and a small working area. The homes also feature a small outdoor deck.







The prefabricated Heijmans ONE is transported by truck to the building site and can be assembled in just one day. The homes also feature a roof-top mounted solar power array, though the energy harvested in this way is not enough to make these homes completely independent of the grid. The firm is, however, working towards making them off-the-grid in the near future.



Before launching the units, Heijmans will first thoroughly test two trial units with the help of a full time occupant. The testing is expected to be completed in March 2015. After this, the firm will make the necessary adjustments and hopes to launch 30 rental units later in the year.


Heijmans plans to build these houses in more derelict city plots in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with the land owned by the firm, the local council, or other developers. Young professionals will be able to rent the units for €700 ($852) per month. The main aim of this project is to provide affordable first homes to people aged 25-35 who have just started building their career and are still single.