The recent renovation of a maid’s quarters into a fully-equipped tiny apartment in Paris, France is downright ingenious. The architects of Kitoko Studio were able to equip a tiny 86 square foot (8 square meter) room into a full apartment that doesn’t even feel cramped.



The room is located in a Haussmann-period building, which was later transformed into an apartment complex. The maid’s rooms, which were part of these buildings, were usually very small and are now normally used just for storage. The architects were hired to transform one of these rooms into comfortable living quarters for an au-pair, with the condition that it be turned into a fully-functional apartment unit.




To make the most out of the available space, the bedroom was placed into a lofted area, which is accessible via a unique staircase that is stored inside a lower cupboard. The bed is located inside a compartment of sorts, which is hidden behind a set of sliding doors for further privacy. The compartment has an internal light. The staircase also contains ample storage and shelving space.




The wardrobe and a dining/working table are also hidden beneath the bed compartment and slide out when needed. The table comes with two stools, which are stored under the table. There is also another slide-out storage cupboard and a boiler cupboard located in the space beneath the bed compartment.

Placing the bed into a lofted area and putting all the storage space beneath it, yields a good amount of free space to use as the living area. There is a small kitchen at one end of the room, which is equipped with a fridge and a microwave. The counter can be lifted to access the sink. There is also a tiny bathroom, in the form of a wetroom, which is fitted with a toilet, shower and sink.

For such a narrow and tiny space the architects really did a great job of transforming this small room into a cozy and light filled tiny apartment.