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Jonathan Von Reusner, a sophomore at Bard College, dreamed of moving out of his parents’ house, but at the same time, did not want to live on campus. To make this dream a reality he recently converted an old school bus into a cozy tiny home, which he plans to live in for a while yet.

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Jonathan bought the bus off Craigslist for only $2500. The bus had previously been used as a mobile library, so some work had already been done on it. Once he had it, Jonathan spent his spring break converting the bus into an off-the grid micro home. He achieved this very well, considering he had no prior building or remodeling experience, while the whole conversion cost him only about $3,000, which includes the solar panels he installed.

The interior measures about 90 square feet, and consist of a sleeping and living area, as well as a small, fully functional kitchen. Jonathan started the conversion by first stripping the seats, which he followed by installing a hardwood floor, a futon couch/bed, and a desk for studying. The home has no bathroom, but Jonathan can use the bathroom facilities at the campus gym at no charge.

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The tiny home has four solar panels mounted on the roof, which are able to supply all the necessary power to the home. The kitchen is equipped with a propane-powered gas stove, a water cooler and a small fridge. Jonathan used mostly recycled and repurposed materials to renovate and furnish the home, such as the repurposed apple crate he uses as the kitchen cupboard and storage space.

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The school bus is still functional, so Jonathan’s home is actually also a mobile home and he plans to live in it for the foreseeable future. Since he hopes to continue on to medical school, living rent free will go a long way toward helping him achieved his goals.


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