Picture1Fully funded after raising 100k in 13 days and still up on Kickstarter is a very unique razor called the Beluga Razor.  Beluga Shave Co. is a Cincinnati-based company who wants to deliver you a better quality shave at a fraction of the blade cost of other razors like Dollar Shave Club.  Plus, they want to help the environment by creating a durable and long lasting product formed from 316L Stainless Steel that uses recyclable all-metal replacements blades that cost as little as 10 cents. Now that’s an easy and simple solution to help slow down the billions of cartridge and disposable razors thrown out each year.

Beluga Shave Co. founder Zac Wertz says, “there are over 120,000+ passionate single edge shaving fans on various shaving forums around the internet that talk about the huge quality difference using a single edge delivers, and with the launch of Beluga Razor we just want to give everyone the opportunity to see and feel this difference for themselves by designing a single edge razor that is super easy to pick up and use from day one.  This is definitely not your old man’s razor, this is a modern update for a modern shaver.”



The way it works is very unique but very straight forward.  A simple lid is unscrewed and flips open to reveal a place to put any standard double edge blade of your choice.  You simply drop a blade in and close it up.  While some might be hesitant to working with the razor blades, there’s really nothing to it and Beluga even included a magnet at the end of the handle to help pick up the blades just to add an extra bit of safety.


Beluga Shave Co. will use its funding to set up the high precision production needed to deliver such a high-end product. Currently, the Beluga Razor is discounted to $105 with free USA shipping, and while that does seem high compared with disposable razors, you will actually save thousands of dollars in the long run. To learn more about Beluga Razor, please visit www.belugashave.com

Information directly from the friendly crew at Beluga Shave Co. This is not a paid post.