Photos via www.cbc.ca

Kirk Finken and Natalie Fraser of Luskville, Quebec recently finished building a home out of recycled shipping containers. They are both very environment conscious, and after learning how affordable used shipping containers are, and just how beautiful shipping container houses can be, they set to work. In addition to using the repurposed shipping containers, they also used other salvaged and repurposed materials to build their home wherever they could.

The finished house looks like a brand new home, and nothing on the outside suggests it was actually built out of shipping containers. The interior is a different story, since the owners decided to leave most of the walls in their original state, but painted them white. The downstairs walls were insulated and covered with drywall.

The containers cost about $4,000 each which included the delivery to the building site. The two-story home features an open plan living, dining and kitchen area downstairs, and the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. The living and dining area also features large, French windows which let plenty of natural daylight into the home, allow for great ventilation and lessen the feeling of living in a shipping container by bringing the inhabitants closer to nature.