The so/called Happy Cheap House is a prototype for low-cost prefab homes and it was designed by Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson. The home is clad in corrugated iron and boasts of an innovative shape, which makes it both unique as well as more functional than a traditional home. The Happy Cheap House measures 110-square-metres and its design is focused on optimizing the internal space. This is a two-story home, with the ground floor consisting of an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. The first floor, on the other hand, consists of two bedrooms and a lounge.

The prototype for the house was built on a 700-square-metre site out of a prefabricated modular frame made of laminated plywood. This material lends itself well to fast assembly on-site, and aids in keeping the costs down. By using this type of modular construction method, the future homeowners can also choose what shape they want their home to be.

The house has an irregular roofline, which makes this home very unique, while also it allows for the rooftop gutters to slope downwards at a greater angle than traditional gutters. This, of course, helps to prevent constant blockage by leaves and other debris.

HappyCheap Prefab House

The exterior is clad in galvanized corrugated iron, while the interior and porch area are made exclusively out of plywood panels. The angled shape of this home is reflected in the interior as well, and is mostly noticed in the upstairs bedroom areas. The two stories of this home are connected by a staircase, which leads from the ground floor to the lounge area on the first floor.




This lounge has a sloping ceiling and low picture windows, which bring in plenty of light and offer great views of the surrounding forest . A large door in the plywood wall can be closed to separate the lounge area from two irregularly shaped bedrooms, which also have slanting ceilings and large windows.

HappyCheap Prefab House


Though it might be cheap by Swedish standards, this home still costs the equivalent of about $181,000. However, the iron façade could last for a very long time, making this prefab home more akin to a traditionally built home than most other offerings on the market.