Carpenter Dave Herrle, based in Westbrook, Connecticut recently built this tiny, beautiful house deep in the woods. Him and his wife already live in it, seeing as both are environmentally conscious and wish to live as sustainably as possible. The cottage is also very romantic, from its old world interior details to its gorgeous natural surroundings.

The cabin measures only 11 by 14 feet, with an area of 154 square feet. It took Dave only six weeks to construct it, while the building costs came to a modest $4000. The tiny home is built on a hillside and is raised about 12 feet off the ground on one side. Dave also added a spacious, wraparound deck to the home, which adds a bit to the living area and brings the couple that much closer to their natural environment.

The home is situated on Dave Herrle’s existing 2 acre property near a larger home Dave and his brother own, which is one of the reasons the building costs were so low. Another is the fact that most of the house is build from salvaged and recycled materials. All the timber that was used was felled and milled locally, while Dave and his wife did most of the actual building themselves.

The interior is comprised of a one room kitchen, living and dining area, while the bedroom is located in a lofted area, accessible via a ladder. The home is equipped with a composting toilet, and they pulled in electricity via an underground cable from the main house. The tiny home has no running water though, and the sinks are simply gravity fed to the outside. During the coldest months of the year, they use a kerosene heater to keep the house warm.





Prior to having built this romantic cottage, Dave had two years of carpentry experience. Designing and constructing this cottage made him decide to go into business building custom sustainable homes for others as well.