Making a home water efficient often comes down to they type of showerheads that are installed. To combat water waste when showering, a California-based company has come up with an innovative showerhead called Eva. This is a Bluetooth-connected showerhead, which works with any sized shower attachment, and the makers say it has the capability of cutting a home’s water consumption in half.


The core of the Eva system is addressing the main bad user habits when it comes to showering, namely, letting the water run longer than needed while waiting for it to heat up, keeping the water on while we’re not under the spray, and taking unnecessarily long showers.

To combat these issues, Eva tracks the water temperature and notifies the user when the desired temperature is reached, then shuts down the water flow until the user enters the shower. Also, once you’re in the shower, the Eva is capable of adjusting the intensity of the water jet depending on how far from the showerhead you are standing. Lastly, Eva also tells you when the shower is taking too long. With all these built-in functions, the makers of Eva estimate that the system can save about 9.5 gallons of water per shower, which is about a 50% reduction when compared to traditional showerheads.


The accompanying app will also allow users to tweak the different preferences, such as the water temperature, shower length, water flow and the settings that the showerhead uses to calculate the user’s distance from the water jet. The Eva system will cost about $200 once it is released, but the makers of Eva estimate that the showerhead will pay for itself in about a year when used by a family of four.

The makers of Eva are currently raising funds through an Indie Go Go campaign to begin manufacturing this showerhead. They have already almost raised the full amount of money they need, though they still have about a month to go, so it looks like the Eva system will soon be available for purchase.