Ethan and his girlfriend Kelsey have recently moved into a tiny home which they built themselves for only $7,000. They built the home in a trailer, which they got for only $1,500, and it is located on an organic farm in Texas. The 100-square-foot home took them about seven months to complete.

The couple’s journey to building their tiny home started with finding a used trailer base on Craigslist. Ethan, who did most of the building by himself, built the home without any plans drawn up in advance. Basically, he just let current inspiration dictate the look of the home. Originally he had planned to use mainly repurposed and salvaged materials for building and furnishing the home. Unfortunately, he found out that such materials often times proved to be more expensive than buying them new, due to the increased demand for these materials.

One of the biggest costs of the home were the windows, since he used the vintage windows he originally planned to install, for an artistic installation. As a result, he had to have the larger windows custom made, while the rest were just standard sized windows. Another unforeseen cost was the electrical wiring, which Ethan originally planned to install himself, but in the end he decided to hire a professional. Most of the furniture they bought new from IKEA.

They don’t yet have a fully functional bathroom or shower, though they plan on building one soon. For the time being, they are using the showers at a local recreational center, the bill for which is actually lower than a yearly water bill would be.




Ethan enjoyed building the tiny home so much that he is currently in the process of building a second one, though this time he has all the plans already drawn up. Once he is done, he plans to sell this tiny home to someone who wants to live tiny, but doesn’t have the know-how of building their own home. More of Ethan and Kelsey’s story can be read on Tiny House Talk.