Living in a shipping container, or another type of small space, can be very sustainable, but such a small home calls for innovative furniture solutions. Modular furniture that can do more than one job is usually the only solution, especially since it has a small footprint when stowed way. The Sofista is one such piece of furniture, and it was designed by Fabrizio Simonetti.

The default setting of the Sofista is a three-seat sofa with arm rest on both sides, which offers enough room for a few people to sit. If more space is needed, the two armrests can be pulled away and one becomes a chair, while the other turns into a comfortable chaise lounge. This state can seat two or three more people.

But that’s not all that this sofa is capable of. It can also easily be turned into a bed for guests. Since the Sofista is much smaller than a regular fold-out sofa bed, this function can be a real space saver in small spaces. Another thing that sets this piece of furniture apart from the competition is the fact that there are no heavy mechanisms associated with transforming it. The armrests and bed simply slide out, making it a breeze to adjust it to the desired configuration.

The Sofista features a removable cloth cover, which is machine washable, so cleaning it is a breeze. The pillows and pads of the sofa are made from polyurethane foam, while the legs and frame are made of beech wood.



This all-in-one piece of living room furniture isn’t cheap though. It retails for about $1,620 (€1,210). However, given that it replaces an entire living room set, the price isn’t so high at all. Besides, its small footprint works great in small homes, where every square foot matters.