G-pod Dwell is yet another modular shipping container offering, and it was designed and constructed by the company G-Pod. The units are rather unique in that they offer a larger interior living area compared to much of the competition. The G-pod Dwell can also be taken off-the-grid with an array of optional upgrades and extras. The first units are still in production, but are expected to be available for shipping soon.

The G-pod Dwell is made from a single shipping container, but features a unique expandable design, that calls for manually pushing out side “push-out” areas, which the company claims can be done by a single person. The entire setting-up process takes three hours, according to the company, as does the packing-up process. A hydraulic system that does this at a push of a button is also available as an added extra. The units feature a deck, which must also be lowered manually and has a spring compensator system. These tasks increase the living area of the G-pod Dwell from 160 square feet to 400 square feet, which includes the deck.

The G-pod Dwell comes furnished with a fully-functional kitchen, a dining area, bathroom, a bed and couch, as well as a study area, and a laundry. All the furniture is made from sustainably-sourced bamboo.





These units can operate on or off-the-grid, making it possible to assemble them in remote areas. The off-the-grid options include a solar panel array, a rainwater catchment system, and a composting toilet. The solar power array also has an integrated battery system, which can store enough energy to power the home for a maximum of three days with no sun. The Dwell is well insulated too, using various glazing, insulation and screening options, with air-con being an option as well, which makes these units suitable for all climate conditions. The prices of the G-pod Dwell start at $49,000 for the basic, on the grid option. The units will be available soon, and can be shipped to anywhere in the world using the existing shipping container transportation infrastructure.