Shipping container architecture seems to be taking over the world, which is only fitting as these disused metal boxes lend themselves perfectly to building homes, cabins or office spaces. In Lisbon, Portugal the Village Underground Lisboa complex is currently being constructed. The shipping container building will be a multi-office space for artists and other creatives, while the architects also incorporated used double-decker buses into the design.

The construction of the Village Underground Lisboa complex is currently underway and they are aiming to open the doors to renters in May 2015. The complex will be built out of 14 repurposed shipping containers, and two double-decker buses. The complex will be located in Lisbon’s Carris Museum, which is the city’s public transport history museum. When completed, it will be arranged into office spaces, a cafeteria, and a central courtyard.



The shipping containers used in the construction have not been altered much, and each of them will contain five working tables, which will be available for rent by startups, artists, and other creative types. The idea is to collect income by charging patrons €150 (about $197) per table, per month. This price will include a desk, Wi-Fi, electricity, and cleaning services. As is the case with most rent-a-desk businesses, the working tables will also be available for rent by the hour, week or some other timeframe. A large cafeteria will be built in the two double decker buses.



In the next phase of building the Village Underground Lisboa complex, a stage for concerts and a theater will be added. This will aid in the collaborative projects the organization plans to commence with London’s Village Underground complex. The latter has been in existence since 2007 and is built using recycled trains and shipping containers.

Due to Portugal’s temperate climate, shipping containers are a good fit for building this complex. The containers all feature large windows to let in plenty of natural light, while also providing good ventilation. The heat gain in the summer months will be alleviated by air conditioners installed in all the office spaces.