Vivood, a Spanish architecture group, designed a tiny prefabricated house of the same name, which can be assembled in only about nine hours. Once assembled, it can be used as a guesthouse, retreat, or even a tiny home. When ordered, the prefabricated Vivood comes in easy to assemble modular parts, which already have all the necessary plumbing and electrics installed.

The Vivood houses are available in a number of sizes, ranging from 154.5 square feet to 356 square feet. The company also makes it possible to order a custom sized tiny home. The homes are made from sustainably-sourced wood. The exterior is only sparsely finished though, so the units appear to be aimed at a more budget minded consumer. Also, the insulation of the home makes it more suited to warmer climates. The basic model of Vivood costs €6,800 (roughly $9,200), which is indeed relatively inexpensive compared to other prefabricated tiny house options.



The interior of the Vivood tiny house has a single living space, with a bed, sofa, a bookshelf and not much else. The interior of the Vivood features one living space, with room for a bed, couch, and books, but little else. Each of the Vivood homes also comes with a small porch and deck, while customers can also opt for a small toilet and bathroom with a sink and shower. The future owners can also get separate storage partitions to separate the interior into more rooms. However, none of the available Vivood houses feature a kitchen as a standard feature.