4. Maison IDEKIT


This shipping container home is located in the woodlands near Quebec, Canada. It was designed and built by architect Bernard Morin and his wife Joyce Labelle and it features a very innovative design, especially when it comes to the actual placement of the containers. Seven recycled shipping containers were used to make this 3,000 square foot, four-bedroom home. It cost about $175,000 to construct, all told.

5. The Strip House



This home was designed by r | one studio architecture and they are selling the plans for $960. The plans are for a small 480 square foot, home which can be constructed using one 40-foot and one 20-foot high cube container. The finished home has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, as well as dining and living areas. The main bedroom and bathroom are located in the 20-foot container, while the second bedroom is placed in a lofted area above the living room.

6. John Martin’s Shipping Container Home


This spacious home was completed by the owner himself, though he did hire an architect to help him bring his vision to life. He used three 45-foot high-cube shipping containers, which he laid out side by side. The home features a large open plan dining room, kitchen and living room, a large bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, and several rooms that can be used as a guestroom or office space. The living area opens onto a spacious deck, which effectively extends the home. The home measures about 1100-square feet and cost $100 per square foot to construct, though the owner admits a lot of it was due to the learning curve of building a home using shipping containers.