When it comes to building a home out of a shipping container you have a lot of options. Despite the fact that a standard shipping container is just a rectangular box, usually measuring about 8 feet by 40 feet, they can easily be transformed into cozy and even spacious homes. Below you will find a few useful shipping container home plans to demonstrate everything that is possible. Some of these plans can even be purchased from the owners.

1. DIY Container home in West Asheville

\IONCONPublicIONCON Network DriveProjects 2013132027 - Naylor Container Home1 AutoCAD1 Preliminary Drawings10-10-13_1

\IONCONPublicIONCON Network DriveProjects 2013132027 - Naylor Container Home1 AutoCAD1 Preliminary Drawings10-10-13_1

Ryan Naylor of Grow Design has recently started to construct a home out of recycled shipping containers. He’s doing in as a DIY project and he shared his plans with Jetson Green. His plans call for two 40-foot high-cube shipping containers, which are 9.5 feet tall. He will also be using a number of other repurposed or recycled materials to build his home. more details…

2. Liray House


This home was constructed out of two 40-foot and three 20-foot shipping containers in Santiago, Chile. The house was built by Proyecto ARQtainer and it was built in three months for only about $75,000. The three shorter containers make up the living room and kitchen, while the two longer containers house the bedrooms and bathrooms. The home was also raised off the ground and all the necessary plumbing was placed in the resulting crawl space. more details…

3. The Old Lady House


This shipping container design is known as »The Old Lady House« and it was designed by Adam Kalkin. It measures 40 feet by 24 feet, which results in a comfortable 960 square feet of interior space. The home has room for everything, including a kitchen, living room and dining room, 2 bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, lots of closet space, and a laundry/utility room with storage. The home can easily house up to three people.