Shipping container architecture is much more than just buying a used cargo container, cutting some holes for windows and doors and calling it a home. Amazingly beautiful houses have been built using these eco-friendly building blocks. Below you will find eight examples of shipping container architecture done right.

1. Containers of Hope


Located in San Jose, Costa Rica this container home is made of two 40 foot shipping containers. The designs were drawn up by the architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, but the actual building work was done by the owners themselves. It cost about $40,000 to build.

2. Caterpillar House


This unique home was built using five 40-foot containers and six 20-foot containers. A 40-foot container with the top sawn off was also used for the outdoor swimming pool. The house is located near Santiago, Chile and was designed by the firm Sebastián Irarrázaval Arquitectos. A truly innovative aspect of this home is how well they managed to incorporate it into the building site, which slopes upward. more details…

3. Home Made of 31 Shipping Containers


This home is located in Australia and could easily be called a mansion. It is built out of 31 repurposed shipping containers. The owners decided to build this home after their original home on the same site was destroyed by flooding. Shipping containers are built for sea travel, which makes them perfect for building homes in flood-prone areas. Their three story home took five months to construct, since they did most of the modifications themselves.

4. Casa Cubica Shipping Container Home


The Costa Rican firm Cubica specializes in designing and building single shipping container homes, which come with all the comforts of a larger house. This home comes complete with a rooftop deck, kitchen, full bath and even a laundry room. Despite their modest size, they can easily serve as a permanent residence for a single person or couple. more details…