city farm

The Hive-Inn City Farm is a concept developed by OVA studios, which aims to bring vertical farming to New York City. The structure will be built using recycled shipping containers, and will be modular and highly adaptable.


The Hive-Inn City Farm would be built using a frame into which shipping containers can be slotted. Due to this type of modular design, the containers could easily be moved, rearranged or replaced as needed. The original structure of shipping containers would not be modified so as to ensure they remain easily movable. The plan calls for each of the containers to play a special role, some being used for producing food, others for harvesting energy and recycling water and waste. Rainwater would be collected in storage tanks then used to water the plants. There would also be a grey water collecting system, which would be used in toilets. The toilet waste would be collected and transformed into compost and methane for electricity production in a “multrum” system. The waste paper and organic material would also be used in the methane production process. Additional energy would also be provided via solar panels.




One of the main goal of the project is reconnecting the city folk with nature, as well as offering a way to bring farming to urban areas. Apart from offering a space to grow food, the Hive-Inn City Farm, will also feature neighborhood cooperatives, community kitchen gardens and supermarkets that will sell locally grown vegetables direct from producers. The current proposal envisions that the farm would be used to grow green vegetables, corn, and tomatoes, as well as to produce honey.



According to the designers, any revenue from Hive-Inn City Farm produce being sold would come purely from food production. The produce could therefore also be sold at lower prices than currently available organic produce since all the added costs of transportation and other middlemen would be cut off.

OVA Studios wish to build the first Hive-Inn City Farm in New York City, though they are currently still looking for investors to help them realize their plan. They need funding in the amount of $1.5 million, which would be used to fund a feasibility study and the construction of a prototype. Other suitable cities to build the Hive Inn City Farm in would also be Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Seattle or Toronto.