Building a home using a shipping container can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish. Since the basic units that will make up the rooms in your new home are already pre-built, all that is really left is to decide how to assemble them. Below you will find six awesome shipping container home designs, which are sure to inspire you.

1. Bondi Beach House


This gorgeous shipping container house was designed by Czech architect Ales Javurek and the plans were recently awarded the first prize in the [AC-CA] Architectural Competition. When finished, it will be a two-story, 3660 square-foot vacation house on Bondi Beach in Australia. Repurposed shipping containers will be used to construct it, while the builders will also take care to only minimally impact the environment around the building site.

2. Holyoke Shipping Container Cabin

If what attracts you to shipping container architecture is the industrial look, then this cabin should give you some great ideas. It was built by two brothers on their family land using two decommissioned shipping containers, the exterior of which they left in the original shape, with all the wear and tear showing. They built the cabin by themselves, piece-by-piece. The finished cabin has a kitchen, dining room, living room, washing room and two queen beds. Some of the energy needed to power the home will come from a small solar array, while the home is also equipped with a rainwater collection system.

3. Zdroj Family Home


The Zdroj family lost their original home in a fire, so when it came time to renovate, they opted to use shipping containers. Their new home was designed by Danze & Davis Architects and built by EFC Custom Homes. From the outside it is far from obvious that the residence is made from shipping containers, but the designers left a lot of the interior walls in the original state.