The modular homebuilders Avante Developments of Edmonton, Canada unveiled their newest offering at this year’s K-Days fair. It is an example of the type of shipping container modular home the company offers. The custom made shipping container homes they offer range from single-family to multi-family units, while they are also offering solutions for shipping container office spaces, hotels and restaurants. The units they offer can easily be transported to almost anywhere.

On display at the K-Days fair was their 320-square-foot home, which is constructed out of two shipping containers. The home was assembled by three workers in less than four hours. The exterior of the home is left exposed, while inside the home hardly resembles a shipping container. It features a hardwood floor, large windows, a big bathroom and an open-plan kitchen. The company specializes in offering modern fixtures and designer style in the homes they make and the shipping container homes are no exception.

The homes are insulated using Ceramic Insulation Paint (spray), which the company believes is most effective when applied to metal. This paint is applied to the exterior of the shipping container, leaving more space on the inside. The coat of paint also helps to prevent rusting and mildew buildup, and has antiseptic properties.

The company offers homes that range in size from 160 to 10,000 square feet. The customers have the option of designing their own home, or they can use one of the company’s existing plans when purchasing a home. The shipping containers they use are recycled, making them very sustainable. Due to the nature of shipping containers, these homes are also very weatherproof. They can withstand 100 MPH winds when placed on a foundation, and up to 175 MPH winds when anchored with pylons. They are also earthquake proof.

Another great benefit of these homes is their affordability. One of their 1000 square foot homes costs about 70-80 percent less than a traditional home of the same size. More specifically, a 320-square-foot display home made by Avante Development costs about $50,000, which includes the installation.