10 Ways to Use Shipping Containers as Homes

6. The Beach Box


This is thought to be the first shipping container home in the Hamptons, NY. The luxury beach house is built out of six shipping containers, with four comprising the ground level and two the top level, which houses an open kitchen, living room, and dining room. The Beach Box measures 2,000 square feet and has four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a large exterior deck. Just looking at it, it is hard to tell that it was constructed using shipping containers. more details…

7. Upcycle House


This home was built by the Danish architecture firm Lendager Arkitekter using only recycled and upcycled building materials. To construct the home they used two repurposed shipping containers, while they also used aluminum cans, recycled paper and discarded wood chips, among other things. . The carbon emissions resulting from building this home were 86% lower than those that would result from building a traditional house. more details…

8. Colorado Solar Shipping Container House


This modern home is located in Nederland, Colorado and is built out of two shipping containers. It was designed by the firm Studio H:T and is equipped with a number of sustainable features, including a solar PV array, passive cooling, a green roof, and pellet-stove heating. more details…

9. Maison IDEKIT Container Home


This is another beautiful and unique shipping container home. It is located in Quebec and was built out of seven repurposed shipping containers. This four bedroom home measures 3,000 square feet. Its most unique feature is that the interior walls were left in their original state, including all the dents and scratches, while the exterior ones were fitted with five inches of insulation and clad by brown wood siding. more details…

10. Carroll House


This home is an excellent example of how shipping containers can be used to build a spacious home even in densely populated urban areas. This home is being built out of 21 stacked containers on a corner lot in Brooklyn, NY, which measures only 25 by 100 feet. The shipping containers were cut diagonally to form this three-story home, which will measure 5,000 square feet once completed. more details…

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