YahiniHomes, a tiny house company led by Danny Yahini has been designing and constructing sustainable and energy efficient homes for over 25 years. The company is based in Athens, Ohio, and offers several different types of tiny houses with off-the-grid capabilities. The houses Danny designs and constructs can be set up on a trailer, or placed on all types of foundations. They can also easily be added to later, in case the owner needs more room as the years pass.

YahiniHomes currently offers four different basic types of tiny homes. These are: the basic Cabin, which measures 15′x20, the Side Porch Cabin which measures 8′x18′ bin, the 8′x14′ Off Grid Cabin and the 8′x18′ Butterfly Cabin.

The Butterfly Cabin, currently the largest cabin Danny offers, is designed to be mounted on a dual axle trailer and can be moved around easily. It is equipped with an 110volt electric hookup to a standard outlet, water hookup to either a garden hose or a more permanent 3/4″ water line. It is also fitted with an easy to remove propane tank. The cabin is built with glued and screwed 2 x 4 framing, and insulated with R17 Styrofoam in the walls and floor, R19 fiberglass in the ceiling. The cabin also comes with T111 siding and an enameled still roof to create a tight envelope, while the door and all the windows are energy star rated.


The interior finishing includes pine ceiling and trim, while the floor is solid maple. The cabin also includes a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, and a propane range fridge with freezer. The bathroom is fitted with a 32′ fiberglass shower stall, and a bucket toilet with outside access. For storage there are two built in closets, while the 80” sofa opens into a double bed.




The smaller cabins YahiniHomes offers are insulated with 6″cellulose in the walls and 14″in the ceiling. These were built on a poured concrete foundation, using locally sawn natural edge poplar for siding. They also used OSB (oriented strand board) for structure and housewrap for air sealing. The envelope sheathing is nailed and glued to the frame, as is the drywall inside, which prevents cracking during moving.

These cabins also feature:

– Lots of built-in storage
– Window seats that convert into a double bed
– Bamboo flooring
– Enameled steel roof
– Interior trim and cabinetry is custom crafted in natural pine

The prices start at $20,000, not factoring in shipping costs.