Philips has recently introduced OneSpace, which is basically a luminous ceiling that can be used to replace other lighting fixtures. According to the company, one of the main aims of designing OneSpace was to create a lighting fixture that could become a design element for architects to work with. In other words, using OneSpace lights need no longer be add ons, but an actual part of the house.


OneSpace is basically a panel of LEDs, which is available in the size of 33 x 10 feet and can be used to cover the entire ceiling of a room. Once hoisted into place on the ceiling, the OneSpace provides a uniform and glare-free white light, which is very similar to natural daylight. OneSpace is capable of delivering superb uniform light distribution, which makes it perfect for installing in offices and other places where evenly distributed, glare-free lighting is needed. It is also hard to deny that a ceiling made of light makes for quite a sight.

OneSpace emits at 450-780 candela per square meter and has a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin (K). This value is much higher than that given off by sodium or mercury lamps. OneSpace can also manufactured in 3000 K and 5000 K versions. It scores 80+ out of a possible 100 on the color rendering index, which is rating system for determining how true colors appear in comparison to being viewed under natural light. The OneSpace lighting ceiling also comes with a dimmer switch, so that the light intensity can be controlled by the user.

Philips also envisions the use of the OneSpace luminous ceiling as safety lighting, as well as main lighting in places such as car showrooms, retail stores, and the public areas of airports, hotels and conference halls. All of these spaces are usually illuminated by harsh lighting, but since the light provided by OneSpace has apparently been described as “peaceful,” “serene” and “sky-like” all that could change.

The current incarnation of OneSpace is aimed at business use, but a luminous ceiling would also be an awesome thing to have at home. Though unless you have a ceiling measuring 33 x 10 feet on which to install it, you’ll have to wait for Philips to make a smaller, residential use OneSpace.