The Polyurt 180, made by the company Full Circle Shelters, is a cabin that measures 180 square feet and can house up to 4 people, and can provide a completely off-the-grid and mortgage free living. On top of that, it is also very easy to construct, while the 12-sided, circular shape of the yurt makes for a very strong structure.

The parts used to build the Polyurt 180 are all cut from a standard 4 feet by 8 feet material and this process creates very little waste. Furthermore, the round shape of the structure also makes it possible to use roughly 15% less material as compared to a rectangular or a square shaped building of the same size. The smaller exterior surface area also allows the yurt to retain heat better.

The Polyurt can also be fitted with standard sized windows and doors, due to the fact that the side panels are standard sized and that specially designed corner posts provide the needed support for the roof. The latter leaves all wall panel surfaces available for windows and doors.

Full Circle Shelters has recently built the prototype of the Polyurt 180. The cabin is fully insulated, and finished with wood paneling on the walls and has a pine wood ceiling. The house is powered by 2 solar panels that were installed on the ground by the side of the yurt. The cabin is heated via a small outdoor wood burner that supplies heat through ductwork. In the interior The yurt also features a small wooden deck at the front entrance. The bathroom will be built as an attachment to the main cabin and will contain a shower and a composting toilet.


The company offers 3 different packages of the Polyurt 180, which depend on how proficient you are at do-it-yourself building. The first option is a pre-cut wood shell package, which is ready to assemble upon arrival. The shell of the yurt can be assembled in one day by a single person. You can then add all the insulation and other necessity as you see fit. The company also offers a kit, which contains the metal rings for the ceiling and floor, the clear acrylic dome for the center of the building, and plans and instructions for making and constructing your Polyurt. But if you would prefer to do all the work by yourself, the company also sells all plans and instructions.