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The Louisville, CO-based company Rhino Cubed has recently unveiled a custom made, shipping container home design which will be available in 3 models. The homes are designed in a way that honors their shipping container origins. However, the company has managed to transform them into cozy and unique homes, that are sustainable, portable and affordable. In addition to that, the future owners will also be able to choose between an on on-the-grid or an off-the-grid option.

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The first of the three models the company offers is called the NakedTainer, which is aimed towards customers who would like to finish their home on their own.
It is made of a standard 20-foot shipping container and features ¼ inch steel window bucks, three double pane energy efficient windows made of fiberglass, double cargo doors, as well as a specially sculpted steel front door and a decorative steel Rhino horn. This model is devised with a bolt-on attachment system, and is certified lead-free, while it is also very affordable, as it costs only $19,000.

The second model is called the Decanter and it was created with artists and other creatives in mind, since it is delivered totally empty on the inside and ready for use as a studio of any kind, be it for painting, writing, music or whatever else you want. It comes with all the same features as the NakedTainer, and also features an R-20 insulated hardwood hickory floor, finished walls with R-8 insulation values, and a roof and ceiling with an R-30 insulation value. It is priced around $30,000.

And lastly, there is the Rhino Cube which comes with 160 square feet of fully equipped and functional living space. This little home can be taken completely off-the-grid and can be used as a vacation home, guesthouse or even a permanent residence. It is available in two sizes based on the size of the shipping container used to construct it, namely a 20’ or 25’ one. The company called the first of these the ”Zulu Queen”, and it got its name from a ski run at Telluride, Colorado. The Zulu Queen has all the features of the other two models and also comes with:

– A full kitchen with sink, cooktop, and a high-end DC powered refrigerator
– Designer IKEA cabinets and storage
– A 1250 watt solar generator, which powers the refrigerator, and provides the energy for all the other appliances and gadgets
– A water storage and grey water disposal system
– Timber frame detail, front porch, and a water collection system on the roof
– A unique bunk bed and an artistically painted exterior

The bathroom is optional and available in the 25-foot models. It consists of a sink, shower, and a composting toilet. Future owners can also opt for an on-the-grid version of the home. The “Zulu Queen” costs $60,000.

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