The Parce One smart plug works by measuring and controlling the energy usage of your electronic devices. The plug is Wi-Fi enabled, so it also gives users access to detailed reports and even suggestions on how to reduce energy use. The makers of the Parce One smart plug have recently run a successful IndieGoGo campaign and the funds they raised will go towards the further development of the plug with a view towards mass production in the near future.

The Parce One smart plug is not just a monitoring device, though. It is also capable of learning the users’ daily habits and recording how and when energy is being used. The smart plug can be set to fully automatic, meaning the user can enable it to turn off lights, electronics and appliances to conserve energy automatically. Monitoring is possible via a smartphone app, or a dedicated website, both of which give the user the ability to remotely turn off their appliances, if they need to do so.



According to the manufacturers, the Parce One smart plug could potentially save you up to $200 a year in energy costs, which is about 30-50% of an annual bill. This savings could be even bigger if the smart plug is used in offices or factories.

Since the plug is still being developed, the exact cost of it is as yet unknown, but according to the makers, users will be able to recoup their investment in 6 to 24 months of use (depending on the device the smart plug is used with. But the reduction in energy costs is not all that users will get from using this plug. An average household will also contribute to a “savings” of about half a ton of CO2 per year per household when using the Parce One smart plug.

The Parce One smart plug looks like a great idea on paper, and has the potential to become an all-in-one intelligent energy saving device. For more information, check out the Parce One smart plug IndieGoGo campaign page.