The firm Estudimoline Barcelona, Catalonia recently came up with a very innovative product, the so-called Bios Urn. Basically, the special urn they sell will let you grow a tree from the ashes of your loved ones, and even your deceased pets. While this idea could be called a little macabre, it is also quite nice in the sense that after you die there will be one more tree in the world.

The original idea behind the creation of the Bios Urn is converting cemeteries into forests, using trees as tombstones, instead of cement and stone. The urn also provides an innovative way to turn death into regeneration and return to life through the most basic natural process, namely the growth of trees.

The Bios Urn is also quite simple to use. First, the ashes you wish to use should be placed in the upper part of the urn, which is then closed with a specially designed upper capsule. After first mixing the components in the capsule with soil from the spot where it will be planted, seeds then needs to be added to the upper capsule. As a final step, the whole urn should then be planted about 5 cm deep.


To make sure the tree grows from the Bios Urn, it needs the same care as a normal tree would, namely water, sunlight and an appropriate temperature and humidity. The company offers a number of tree seed choices when purchasing the urn. Among them are cypress, beech, gingko, maple, ash, pine and even the mighty oak. The urn costs 75 EUR, which is approximately 100 USD plus shipping, The pet version of the Urn Bios is the same product as the human one, only packaged differently.

Remembering loved ones by planting a tree from their ashes is a great way to celebrate their life. It also makes for a very natural and pleasant way of ensuring that generations to come will continue to remember the great grandmother or great great grandfather simply by gazing at that tall pine, or maple tree that their death had brought to life.