The Spanish architecture studio Abaton has developed a simple housing unit, the design of which was inspired by shipping container homes. The largest home in the company’s APH80 series, also known as Transportable House (Casa Transportable) as it is called, measures 27 square meters (9mx3m), and consists of 3 different spaces, namely a living room/kitchen, a bathroom, with a full, shower and a double bedroom, with a bed included. The house also has a gabled roof, which is 3.5 meters high and provides an added sense of spaciousness.

The outside of APH80 series houses is completely covered with CNC-milled grey cement-board panels, which are locked together to create a seamless exterior. This ventilated façade has a 10 cm thermal insulation, which makes this home very thermally efficient and well suited for off-the-grid living. The insulation also makes sure that the home stays cool in the summer without the need for an air conditioner.

The home is made of a solid timber structure, which is manufactured through numerical control. Inside, the house is fitted with timber panels made of Spanish Fir Tree, which is dyed white.

The majority of the materials used to make the APH80 units are fully recyclable and meet the strictest sustainability criteria. The wood used throughout the homes comes from regulated forests, which will regrow to provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation and forest habitat. The units are designed so that they blend almost seamlessly with the environment, which is achieved primarily through the use of large openings in most of the indoor spaces. The living area, for example, has a floor-to-ceiling sliding door along the entire span of the room.

The homes arrive fully plumbed and wired. The 9×3 model is the largest the company offers, but customers also have the option of buying an extra smaller unit to place next to the main one to extend their living space. The company offers several smaller units with room combinations of a bedroom/bathroom, 2 bedrooms, living room/kitchen, and bedroom/living room.

Due to the fact that the units are only 3.5 meters high, they can easily be transported by road, as they are just low enough to fit under bridges and tunnels while mounted on a truck. It takes from 6 to 8 weeks to manufacture an APH80 unit, while it only takes 1 day to assemble in on site. The units can also easily be transported by road. Prices for the units start at 21,900€, which is approximately 30,000 USD.