The unique tiny house builder Hobbitat Spaces from Maryland is now taking individual orders for their hand-built homes. The company is the brainchild of Bill Thomas, and the homes are hand crafted and built to withstand even the harshest Northeastern winters. Hobbitat Spaces recently completed 13 Hobbitat cabins for Blue Moon Rising, an ecotourism retreat in Maryland. All of the houses in the retreat were built with reclaimed, local and recycled materials.



Each of the Hobbitat Spaces homes that can now be ordered on an individual basis is built in a shop and take about 6 weeks to complete. The Hobbitat houses are built to comply with Maryland State building and energy codes. These houses are perfect for full time homes, vacation homes, guest houses, studios or home offices, and rental units.



The custom built Hobbitat homes come complete with a structural framework, which is built to IRC code and features Zip system exterior wall sheathing. The enclosed floor system of the home rests on six piers, which must be put in place on site before the house arrives. The roof system can be made of hand cut framing or engineered trusses which are designed to carry a 40 lb. /sq. ft. snow load.

Hobbitat houses are built using a special “cocoon” building style that ensures all utilities are contained within the building envelope. All sides of the homes are wrapped in foam insulation, which seals out heat, cold and noise. The insulation is comprised of 2 lb. foam, with an R-rating of R-38 for ceilings, R-23 for the walls and R-30 for the floor. The future homeowner has a choice between 400 or Architectural series Andersen thermal windows.


The Hobbitat houses come with a plumbing system, which allows the owner to easily drain the entire building when leaving it for extended periods of time. The homes also come complete with a 30-gallon electric hot water heater.

Indoor air quality is controlled via a fresh air intake system with an Airetrak 1A, while the cabins are also fitted with Panasonic exhaust fans. The cabins are also equipped with a 100 amp breaker panel and wiring to conform to the current codes, and come with many outlets and light switches.

Every Hobbitat house is constructed from salvaged or repurposed materials. The company strives to work closely with each client to built a custom home in accordance with their wishes. This makes Hobbitat homes unique, with no two exactly alike. The prices of each Hobbitat depend on the specifications agreed upon with the client.