Michael and Jenny have recently completed a modern version of a tiny rustic house in Portland, Oregon. The tiny house was designed from the ground up by the couple and it took them from October 2012 through January 2013 to build it. The tiny house is built of primarily wood, and they only used materials that were already on hand, with most of it recycled or repurposed.

The owners wanted to make the house as sustainable as possible, and have searched far and wide to find the right mix of reclaimed and repurposed materials. The trim and shelves in the tiny house were reclaimed from an old shed that once stood on the property. Teak hardwood flooring is installed in the house, which was salvaged from high-end construction jobs in the area, as was the home’s cedar shake siding. The windows are wood-clad and were salvaged from a horse farm in the Oregon countryside.

The tiny house also contains a vintage ACME kitchenette, which is an all in one unit that features a fully functional 2-burner stove, a sink and a refrigerator with a freezer, which were obtained from the Hood River History Museum. The kitchen surfaces are actually butcher-block countertops reclaimed from the set of Real World Portland. Vintage fruit crates found at an estate sale were repurposed as kitchen drawers.



The downstairs area of the tiny house contains the kitchen, living room and bathroom with a tiny tub. A steep staircase leads to the upstairs area, which houses a loft bedroom with a comfortable queen sized bed. The Rustic Modern Tiny House is a stand-alone house and has its own entrance as well as a private gated front yard. As this is an ongoing project, the owners are constantly adding new things, or perfecting the old.

Since this is a tiny house, all the proportions are scaled-down or modified as compared to a regular sized home. While the stairs that lead to the upstairs loft are at ADA-compliant measurements, they are also much steeper than standard stairs. In the bathroom, similar adjustments also had to be made. The sink is recessed, while the bathroom also features a small claw foot tub with a shower head. The ceiling in the sleeping area is also steeply sloped and lower than standard.





The tiny house is located within walking distance of restaurants and shops in Portland. It is available for rent for $585 a week or $2200 a month.