The premade container home maker Cargotecture now offers a prefab home that is a perfect way to downsize yet retain the comforts of living in a larger space. The c-series 640 Lookout model measures 640 square feet, and features a large living area with a kitchen, a spacious bedroom and bathroom, a media room and a lofted sleeping area for guests.



The Lookout is constructed by joining two 40 foot shipping containers in a way that creates a single 16’x40’structure. When ordered, the Lookout is delivered in two 40’ modules, and then the whole home can be assembled very quickly and affordably.

The walls, floor and roof of the Lookout model are all insulated to 15% above IBC and UBC building codes, meaning that the homes can be assembled in cold climates as well as hot ones. The insulation used is recycled plastic and soy sprayed-in insulation with R-values of R24 for the walls, R 44 for the ceilings, and R32 for the floors. The roof can also withstand 60psf snow loads.

The base model of the Lookout costs $189,500 and includes the following features:

• A Recycled ISO cargo container (with new paint)
• Soy based spray foam insulation
• Aluminum clad wood windows and doors (one 10’ long opening and one side door)
• Bamboo finish on the floor
• 5/8” drywall ceiling and walls
• Panelized wet room bath with redwood decking
• Duravit bath fixtures
• IKEA cabinets and kitchen fixtures and lighting
• Summit appliances
• 30 gallon electric water heater
• Convectair Apero heat
• Factory plans, State L&I permits and inspections

The owner can also choose to upgrade with several standard options, such as adding additional windows and doors, retractable bunk beds, an outdoor deck or opting for a Fujitsu Heat pump, which offers both heating and air conditioning.

The company also offers an off-the-grid upgrade. These upgrades make the container home totally self-sufficient, and include natural gas or propane appliances, water heater and furnace. To take care of the energy needs of the household, solar panels and an inverter are also installed. The off-the-grid option also includes composting toilets, and a roofwater harvesting and reuse system. These features depend on the climate in which the home will be primarily used.

The container home is also fully transportable, including its foundation. So if the off-the grid option is selected when purchasing, these homes can be moved to different locations based on the owners wishes.