Reems Creek Deltec Home shoot

As the new year begins and the US housing market improves Deltec Homes has focused on quality and environmental responsibility which Deltec president Steve Linton says are his core values. “When the housing market crashed there was pressure to cut back on quality,  craftsmanship  and our environmental initiatives, but we know sticking to our values was key to survival.”

Specializing in High Performance homes, Deltec’s manufacturing plant now features a  solar  array with 273 solar panels  enabling  them to power their plant and office with 100% renewable energy.

One point Steve Linton ( A LEED  accredited a professional) is proud of is that they can produce a house using 80% less waste than they did 10 years ago. This has been an ongoing recycle and reuse initiative. Linton states “Energy Efficient and Net-Zero homes are the future of home building.” It is great to see such a large home building company taking such an approach. See their net-Zero homes here called the Renew Collection.




Information directly from the friendly crew at Deltect Homes. This post is not paid.