container home

This innovative shipping container home measures 500 square feet including the deck space, and is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It comes complete with a small dipping pool and would make a great beach home or lake cabin. While this small home can be hooked up to utilities, it is designed to also function completely off the grid.

Container home extention

The power to this home is supplied via 4 solar panels with 240 watts each, which are connected to a 3600watt 24volt TR3624 Xantrex Inverter and mounted using a Unirac mounting system. This entire system is capable of producing up to 3,700 to 4,440 watt hours per day calculated based on 5 to 6 hours of peak sunshine. The kit can also have an additional 7 panels connected to increase the electrical output of the system.

The interior of the house is made from Blue Ribbon OSB Wood Boards, which are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The insulation is moisture resistant and capable of reflecting 97% of radiant energy due to the Reflectix foil faced insulation system. The home also comes installed with a murphy bed, which can be doubled up to make more room and which is already fitted with inset fabric panels.

Container Home Interior

Container home living area


Container Home extention and living room

The Water Saver toilet has a sink built into the tank, which allows for direct recycling of grey water for flushing. The toiled can be connected to a Bio-digester waste system or a standard sewer. The hand held shower and mixing valve are connected to a gravity fed batch solar water heater. The flooring in the bathroom is made from acid stained cement, while the rest of the house has cork flooring.

The deck outside is lined with rice husk and recycled plastic decking and is erected on a lightweight 100% corrosive resistant aluminum structure, which has stainless steel fasteners and adjustable legs. The deck also includes an 8’x8’x3.5’ movable pool prototype membrane, which can be used as a dipping pool or water reservoir. The pool can be filtered with non-mechanical slow sand filters and an ultraviolet water pump.

The house has an aluminum and frosted glass exterior with a sliding door system with aluminum tube section and al. angle structure. The home’s kitchen comes complete with 2 induction single cooktops and a pan and also features a 36” stainless steel sink and faucet. The custom-made cabinetry is also constructed from OSB wood boards, while the kitchen counter top is made from stainless steel. This container home was selling for $49,000 about a year ago.

Bathroom of a container home


Container home kitchen

Dining area