This studio house is located in the desert near Joshua Tree, CA. It has been fully converted into a cozy retreat for two, and the owners are renting it out for just that purpose. This design also demonstrates just how easily old, disused out buildings like this barn can be repurposed for modern uses. A refurb like this makes for a great vacation house, but it could also easily be used as a studio or office space for a work-from-home individual.

The renovated 220 square foot studio house still has the original style, wide barn doors, which open, into the main living area of the house. The entire house is also decorated to reflect the minimalistic, desert lifestyle. The living room contains a down sofa, coffee table, entertainment center with flat screen TV, a DVD player and a smart phone stereo, though part of the fun of a country retreat is also disconnecting from all the electronic appliances you use in your daily life.

The house also has a fully equipped galley kitchen. The sleeping area is in an upstairs loft and contains a full size bed for two. The tiny barn house is also equipped with an inverter AC/heating unit.

One of the drawbacks of such an economically designed and furnished tiny house is that the bathroom is located outside. A flagstone path leads to the bathhouse with a shower and sink and its own supply of hot water.



Much of the furnishings in the house are hand built from recycled wood. A wooden ladder leads to the upstairs sleeping loft, which has a slanted roof that is 5 feet and 6 inches at peak. The house is located at 3,000 feet elevation, meaning that the views of Joshua Tree National Park, its mountains and sunsets are spectacular. To take in the view, the house is fitted with large windows. At the front of the house there is also a wooden deck, ideal for relaxing, stargazing or simply taking in the views.





The house is located 4 miles from the Joshua Tree village and is available for rent for $553 per week.