Tiny Prefab

The Nomad Micro home is the brainchild of Vancouver architect Ian Kent, who is currently raising funds to begin producing the home through an Indie Go Go campaign. The Nomad Micro Home can be described as a sustainable tiny house kit. It is so small and lightweight that the buyer can ship it anywhere in the world, and once it arrives, anyone with some basic carpentry skills can assemble it on their own.

The Nomad Micro Home measures a measly 10×10 feet and features a living room, kitchen, and an upstairs sleeping loft. However, due to the size constraints, several of these serve a double purpose. For example, the shelves in the kitchen are also the stairs to the loft area and the whole bathroom is also a shower. The Nomad is designed to house one or two people, though several house kits can be assembled together to make a larger home.


Tiny Prefab Lounge Interior

The base Nomad Micro house kit will cost $25,000, which does not include optional extras such as solar panels. The panels of the home can be assembled using a cordless drill, and due to its simple foundation, the house can also be moved to a new location on a whim. Pre-engineered green packages can also be purchased as an add-on to the basic house kits, and include rooftop solar energy panels, and rainwater collection and grey water treatment systems.

The building is composed of metal structural insulated panels, with a floor and roof insulation values of R-24 and wall insulation of R-12. The exterior finish is comprised of galvanized metal siding. The electrical system of the Nomads is a 12V power system, which will work with a solar power kit and most other conventional power sources. Other optional add-ons for the Nomad include a compost toilet, a propane water heater, and a propane forced air stove, which taken together have the ability to make the Nomad an off the grid home.
The Nomad house is also well suited for construction in a wide variety of environments. The materials used to build the Nomad home resist rot, termites and fire. Due to this, the home is well suited to assemble in tropical environments and forests, while it can even be used as a houseboat. The home is also resilient enough to weather storms and earthquakes. Some added insulation would even make it suitable for extreme cold conditions.

Nomad Micro Home Bedroom

Nomad prefab lounge