The Keith family from Elizabethtown, KY was disappointed with the short lifespan of classic asphalt shingles covering their roof. Only six years after the last replacement, they were once again forced to reroof. Looking for a longer lasting and more sustainable solution, they opted for seam metal panels made by Metal Sales. These metal panels are durable, elegant, energy efficient and sustainable.

The Keith residence is a modern Mediterranean style home with a taupe-colored stone exterior and dark bronze accents on windows and doors. Aesthetically, the metal roofing panels blend in with the other design elements of the house perfectly. The Keith’s roof was covered by 110 squares of Metal Sales’ 24 gauge, 16” wide Vertical Seam panels with a PVDF (Kynar 500®) finish in the Dark Bronze color. Since the metal panels come in a variety of colors, the homeowners where able to choose the color that best complements the exterior color scheme of their home.

Overall, the aesthetic and sustainable properties of vertical seam metal roof panels make these an excellent choice for reroofing private homes. These roof panels are made of steel, which makes for a much stronger, but still very lightweight roof. Metal seam roofs also do not require as much maintenance as other types of roofing materials. The estimated lifespan of a metal roof is between forty and fifty years. Compared with classic shingles, this is three to four times as long.

Metal seam roof panels help achieve net-zero energy consumption of a house by being energy efficient and enabling renewable energy production. All the color coatings of Metal Sales roof tiles
are ENERGY STAR® listed for their ability to stay cool by reducing solar heat gain. In addition to this, these roofing systems are also perfect for harvesting rainwater, while they also allow for seamless integration with PV laminate and polycrystalline solar technology. Wind turbine applications can also be fitted onto them without the need for roof penetrations.

By installing metal roof panels, instead of the traditional shingles, the house is made much more energy efficient, because the amount of energy needed for cooling in the summer is greatly reduced. The metal panels made by Metal Sales are 100% recyclable, and contain a minimum of 25% of post-consumer, recycled content. Because of this, the metal roof panels the company offers have low embodied energy compared to other construction materials, such as single-ply roofing, which makes metal roofs an even more sustainable choice.



According to the EPA, 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are dumped in landfills across the country every year. On the other hand, the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) holds that steel is the top recycled material in the US. Metal roof panels can be fitted over existing shingle or other type of roofing, Because of this, and taking into account the much longer lifespan of metal roofing, much less chemical-based materials end up in landfills. The costs of reroofing are also greatly reduced if the metals seams are placed over the existing roofing materials.