Recently, Green Builder Media released a video of its president, Ron Jones, being shown the permeable pavement solution from GreenRock as demonstrated by Mark Sapiro, Co-CEO of Structure Home at VISION House Los Angeles.

VISION House Los Angeles is a demonstration home that was developed by Green Builder Media in partnership with Structure Home to raise awareness of sustainable green building methods, materials, and products. Use of GreenRock products can earn homeowners LEED credits.


Developed by Recycled Aggregate Materials Company (RAMCO), GreenRock Permeable Pavement allows water to percolate through the surface to replenish ground water instead of causing runoff to be siphoned into storm drains. The dry concrete mix can be used in landscaping solutions that incorporate paver stones or require a concrete pavement.

GreenRock also produces decorative rocks that are made from recycled materials such as concrete roofing tiles, concrete block, and paving stones, including defective products from companies that produce brick, block, and tile. Available in fine, coarse, and paver base, GreenRock can be used for gardens, walkways, and ground cover.

GreenRock is available from select Home Depot stores in Arizona and California, several distributors in California, or directly from GreenRock.