hawk house 2

Located in the gorgeously serene Big Sur mountains of California, this green-roofed Hawk House is only 90 square feet and seven-by-nine feet in size. Architect Alex Wyndham created the cabana entirely out of timber and redwood bark, providing a tiny, cozy space that blends seamlessly with nature and maintains a virtually insignificant footprint.

hawk house 3

The off-the-grid home was not only built with locally sourced redwood bark, but also with nature’s elements in mind. The orientation provides maximum natural lighting and maintains a comfortable temperature to minimize the need for heating and cooling. The glass folding walls allow inhabitants to take advantage of the calming ocean breeze, perfect for relaxing summer nights.

hawk house 4

The raw, unfinished style is topped off with a green roof covered in local grasses and wildflowers.

hawk house 5