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Located in the Swiss Mountains, this gorgeous 200-year-old home has received a variety of energy-efficient, sustainable upgrades by Savioz Fabrizzi Architects, who sought to maintain the home’s original beauty while achieving Swiss Minergie energy conservation standards.

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The exterior remained untouched, and exposed concrete walls and screed floors were added to the interior to match the stone facade. The grey color scheme may seem drab to some, but the textural differences and pops of color, particularly the mustard yellow in the kitchen, keep it from looking dull or unfinished.

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Thermal insulation is obtained through a concrete layer and foamed recycled glass, and the roof is equipped with 75 square feet of solar panels. The windows were replaced with bigger, better versions that provide more natural light and even better views of the scenic surroundings.

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Overall, this home is the perfect blend of classic style and modern efficiency.