timber apartment_600x320

Australian developer Lend Lease has built what is rumored to be the tallest timber apartment building in the world. The building is located at Victoria Harbour in Melbourne, and is made of Cross Laminated Timber.

The timber is made of fast-growing softwoods, which is planted specifically for laminating into large structures. There is no environmental downside to the construction since the trees grown produce oxygen and absorb 1.42 tons of carbon per ton of timber grown. That’s huge compared to the 1.5 tons of carbon produced by steel making, and the 1.125 tons of carbon produced by a ton of cement. In order to have a positive impact on climate change, the goal is to plant three times more trees than are cut down in order to absorb CO2 and have a plentiful source of wood to build with over time.

The building was also built 30% quicker than standard cement or steel structures, requiring less construction traffic and causing considerably less waste and local disruption.

The sustainable community will also be equipped with a variety of parks, public gyms, and other features that allow residents and visitors to easily connect with nature and maintain a small carbon footprint.

More information and photos are available at Forte Living.