This living wall vertical garden at Hotel Ushüaia de Ibiza in Ibiza, Spain was designed by Urbanarbolismo who were assisted in the construction by Alicante forestal and Alijardín, and was the first greenwall garden system of its type.

Ceramic terracotta containers are interconnected but can retain unique substrates and vegetation. and porosity of the terracotta permits exchange of humidity. Drip and hand irrigation methods accommodate varying watering schedules.

The eco.bin greenwall system used in this hydroponic vertical garden is easy to maintain because plants can be replaced individually, with no need for advanced gardening knowledge, and can even act as a sound absorption barrier.


Acting as an air-conditioning system for the building, the system permits air to recirculate through the substrate and the plants to cool the air and allow for the roots to absorb pollutants, consuming 100 times less than traditional AC systems.

Some of the plants in this greenwall are air plants that get their water and nutrients from the air, eliminating the need for drip irrigation. Watering can be performed with hand sprayers and foggers, which is ideal for indoor systems.


Additional plants are conducive to the Mediterranean island climate, require a minimal amount of substrate, and contribute a wide variety of colors year-round: aeonium, crassula, echeveria, euphorbia, kalanchoe, sedeveria, and sedum. The succulents do not need much water or maintenance.