Tiny Tack House Transforms Tacks into Tiny Home Movement Advocates


Recently featured in Huffington Post, Chris and Malissa Tack worked in high-tech careers in New York City before relocating to Washington state where they determined to put the Tiny House Movement into place in their lives.

Researching possibilities online, Malissa, a 3-D artist with a specialty in animation, created mockup blueprints of favorite design elements. Desiring to build their home themselves, but lacking in construction skills, they learned what they could from other tiny home builders and looked for financing options.


Financial stresses increased when Chris lost his job, but the reduced overhead of their tiny home, which will be completely paid for in less than three years, kept things manageable.

The couple says that the tiny home lifestyle has even improved their relationship. Chris said in the Huffington Post interview, “We have definitely learned the importance of respecting space; for instance saying ‘excuse me’ when passing each other in the kitchen.”


Chris and Malissa’s Tiny Tack House blog features many images of the couple’s construction progress and the original plans, with more detailed steps recorded on their YouTube page .



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  • amoyer

    Only from NYCer nobody else is dumb enough to pay so much for so little of sque footage to live. Maybe they should of gone to school for Architectural design instead of graphic design. Way to much wood in this shoebox. Look at the kitchen image you can’t tell where the counter top ends and the wall behind is. This is smaller than my small shed on my property. I guess as long as you are not claustrophobic and not worried about smells, you should be fine as a single person living in this.

  • RockyMissouri

    It looks lovely…..and appealing….

  • http://j9sopinion.tumblr.com/ Jeanine H

    It’s beautiful to see couples learning about each other and now getting the opportunity to enjoy their lives, and space together .. & mortgage/debt free…means alot more than ‘countertops and walls’ no Doubt! ;D Congrats one their success together!

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