Yet another creative manifestation of the shipping container, the Sauna Box from Castor is entirely self-sufficient, getting its electric power from solar panels and heat from a wood-fired stove for sustainability. An insulated 96” cube of sculptural corten steel (it is not a true shipping container), the water-tight Sauna Box is a custom-built prefab structure, can be shipped anywhere, and requires very little in the way of site preparation.


Inside, you’ll find hand-made carved stone stools, a stone sink, and custom metal and wood details. While you’re getting your sweat on, you can listen to your favorite tunes through the iPod-friendly stereo, or practice your rock band solo with the electric guitar hook-up. A magnetic truck light provides adequate and moveable lighting when your candles don’t provide the right ambience. Bronze antlers add a humorist’s touch.

Get your Sauna Box for as low as US$41,000 from Castor, the design team of Kei Ng and Brian Richer, whose aesthetic incorporates the reuse of materials and “a sense of irreverence” to define interiors. Working together since 2006, and based in Toronto, where they also own and operate the Parts & Labour restaurant, Castor Design has worked on variety of projects and products around the world.