finn hutt 1 kitchen

Charles Finn is equal parts woodsmith and wordsmith, a quite inspiring combination. As a self-taught woodworker, author, and freelance writer, he is known for his work with the High Desert Journal and contribution to Lloyd Kahn’s “Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter” book. However, we are not here for his literary accomplishments – Finn is also known around the world for his tiny microhomes inspired by Japanese tea houses.

finn hutt 1 and hutt 2

finn blue room

Born and raised in Vermont, Finn spent several years in Japan and fell in love with the tea house designs. This led to him living in a 7×12 foot vardo made by a woodworker friend in British Columbia, which had no electricity or plumbing. He eventually built his first tiny home in Potomac, Montana, using lumber from old barns. Known as the “Potomac Cabin,” it was 8×12 feet in size and featured a five foot loft. Here is a photo of the interior:

finn potomac cabin 1

He is now building custom tiny homes out of a combination of reclaimed and new materials. Costs typically start around $14,000, and something similar to the Potomac Cabin will cost around $22,000.

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