This cantilevered two-hull house by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects was designed for a family of four living in Nova Scotia. The steel-framed structure features a wooden exterior, and a geothermal in-floor hydronic system and extensive, high quality glazing that provides dramatic amounts of natural lighting and gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape.


The two pavilions are designed to resemble a pair of binoculars, with some of the inspiration coming from ship hulls that are elevated to allow seawater to rush by underneath. Each 32-foot cantilever is supported on a concrete foundation that prevents any damage to the house by water. There are also 8-foot wooden vertical rain screens to provide additional interior protection.


The overhangs provide shade and shelter, and floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the use of natural lighting throughout the home. Overall, the space is designed to provide a cozy space surrounded by natural beauty without interrupting nature’s independence.