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Every inch of land on the planet has climate factors that present challenges when it comes to building a safe home. H&P Architects hopes to alleviate the displacement of housing due to nature’s course, particularly the extensive loss of homes due to flooding in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese design firm has created a disaster-resistant housing prototype that actually floats atop a base of oil drums when water levels get too high.

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The houses are made of local bamboo, natural thatching, and combine traditional building techniques with an anchor and tie system for security. The home is anchored with welded steel piles, allowing it to move up and down during flooding. There is also a rainwater harvesting system in place, and a one-way valve that activates backup support systems in the event of a flood.

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The facade is also designed for vertical gardens, which are a safer alternative to ground plants during a flood. The roof is made of louvers that open from the inside to provide natural cross-ventilation, and the home can be easily closed off during a disaster.

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The design fits about six people, or can be expanded for as many as eight. Each units costs less than $2,000 USD and the modular design is easy enough to be built by the actual homeowners.

Do you think something like this will catch on in areas with high flood risk?