Kanga Room Systems Make the Perfect Office, Guest Room, or Studio Space

Whether your home is in need of a small studio space, office, or extra guest bedroom, Austin, Texas-based Kanga Room Systems is the perfect portable option. The modern, eco-friendly buildings are designed with portability in mind, and are custom-made to fit your existing home with bathroom, kitchenette, and multiple room options.

Prices for a Kanga Room System range from $7,150 to $15,500, with size options between 8’x10’ and 14’x24’. Each one comes with a treated skids foundation, EPDM roof membrane, galvanized fascia flashing, cedar accent siding, a metal door with full lite glass, and several other unique features made of quality materials.

The system is shipped right to your home from Texas as a kit, where you or a contractor can assemble it. Kanga uses eco-conscious, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials whenever possible, and they are always customizable for specific aesthetic or environmental needs.

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  • David

    I paid them cash as per schedule and they have not performed the work in a professional or timely manner. My unit is still not finished and it has been over 5 months now and my studio is tiny. The work is sub standard for the industry and I would not recommend them to anyone. This is my real experience with them. Do not sign their contract because they have a mediation clause. They will wear you down to where you will just hire someone else to finish it. I have NO confidence in contractors anymore and I massively regret my decision to purchase from them.

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