True North Log Homes

Built from from white pine heartwood timber that is sustainably grown in northern Ontario and Quebec (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council), this stunning log home comes to us from True North Log Homes.

While reminiscent of the rustic, breezy log home of the distant past, these structures are tech-savvy and utilize computerized machinery and careful preparation of timber to save labor time on-site.

Modular components allow for flexibility in design, as well as reducing the carbon footprint, and exterior construction that takes only a few days to complete. Joined together without screws or nail, the exterior shell is weather-tight. To make up for wood shrinkage, patented systems tighten the house to eliminate the need for chinking of holes.

Interiors can be retrofitted to increase sustainability with options including energy efficient windows, solar panels, spray foam insulation, soundproofing with sheep’s wool, and radiant floor heat.

President of True North Homes, Rob Wrightman, built this log cabin for his family, and frequently opens it up to show his customers the advantages of living in a log home.

True North Floor Plan

Roughly following the floor plan of the Citadel model, the 3,300 square feet includes a separate apartment and garage.

True North Floor Plan

Founded in 1986 and based out of Bracebridge, Ontario, True North Log Homes is known to be a manufacturer of some of North America’s best-engineered log homes. Canadian owned and operated, their innovative craftsmanship and technology is complimented by a commitment to the environmental needs and concerns of forested regions.

True North Exterior


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