O+A Architecture Builds Pavilion Out of Recycled Shipping Containers in Amsterdam

This recycled shipping container stage was created by architecture studio O+A in celebration of Amsterdam’s Over het IJ theatre festival’s 20th anniversary. Made of locally sourced materials, the containers have been retrofitted to create a temporary space designed for live artistic performances.

The repurposed containers were used as building blocks, creating a lasting impression for visitors with its overwhelmingly large scale. The horizontally stacked containers were used as pop-up stores, platforms, and even a restaurant, featuring long tables and a corrugated bar.

The three-dimensional checkerboard structure provides indoor and outdoor space that is raw yet cozy, the perfect combination for architecture enthusiasts and festival visitors who need a space to relax after a long day of festivities.


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  • 2ndGreenRevolution Blog

    This is really cool. I remember a while back Starbucks constructed a store made of shipping containers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cyrus-Pyle/100002882216308 Cyrus Pyle

    Cool, but potentially toxic. The paint contains zinc chromium and the floors are impregnated with fungicides, insecticides, wood preservaties and other nasties. If you are going to do this check for toxins.

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