New Orleans Architect Turns a Dumpster Into a Pool

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box

Stefan Beese, a New Orleans-based architect, has dove into an innovative form of recycled design with the “Dumpster Dive DeLux”, a pool made out of a defunct dumpster. You won’t be finding any cool old furniture when you jump in, but it will definitely feel much more luxurious.

The 22’ x 7’ steel refuse container is lined with protective foam insulation and pine wood slats on the exterior. The modular design makes it simple to pack it up and move it to a new location, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dumpster pool behind if you move to a new neighborhood.

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box End

Dumpster Dive DeLux length


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  • Sprinkler Buddy

    great idea!

  • PFR

    How about putting up a link to the website of the company that designs/fabricates this cool pool. PS: salutations from midtown Detroit’s Graphic Arts Lofts!

  • Maria Ester Alves

    Magnìfíco!!!!!!! Num Calor que sempre chega
    de surpresaaaaaa!!!!! Tudo de BOM! Parabéns!

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