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Barn Light Electric has announced its launch a a new line of lighting fixtures that utilize innovative LED technology from Cree, Inc., an innovator in LED lighting.

Barn Light is combining its vintage-styled lighting with energy-efficient, low-maintenance LEDs. Cree provides a proprietary TrueWhite® technology that transmits a warm light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs.

“While LED lighting is hardly new, many people are unclear on all of the benefits of using LEDs,” said Scott Dodson, Project Manager and LED Liaison at Barn Light Electric. “When you invest in LED lighting, it may cost more up front than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but you’ll start saving money, through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, the minute you flip the switch.”

Barn Light Gooseneck LED light

Dodson was pivotal in the implementation of Cree’s technology into Barn Light Electric’s lighting fixtures. Barn Light has incorporated the Cree LED components into a wide range of its most popular products such as the stem mount, wall sconce, gooseneck, cord hung, and RLM warehouse shades.

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In a recent press release, Barn Light explains how the newest LEDs offer bright, natural light. “The color rendering index (CRI) characterizes light sources on a scale of 0 to 100 for their ability to produce natural light. The closer an LED light comes to 100 on the CRI, the more naturally colors are rendered. The CRI of fluorescent tubes is often around 72. Barn Light Electric LED fixtures, utilizing the latest in Cree technology, have a CRI between 92 and 94.”

LED lighting does not contain hazardous materials, is approximately 85 percent more efficient, is designed to last around 50,000 hours, and lasts longer than incandescents

“You can now have all the style and charm of vintage-style barn light fixtures coupled with LED technology,” said Bryan Scott, owner of Barn Light Electric. “You can truly have the best of both worlds with energy-efficient LED lighting available in all of your favorite barn lighting styles.”

Barn Light Electric is now the exclusive United States supplier of Benjaminâ„¢, Goodrichâ„¢, and Ivanhoeâ„¢ porcelain lights.

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